RPM is a powerfull time management systeem created by Anthony Robbins. Actually it is much more than time management. It is LIFE management!

First it links you activities immedeately to your dreams; so the “to do’s” become “want to do’s” . There is a risk that you can’t wait to get started and it definitely will get hard to stop.

The second brillant thing about the RPM system is categorizing activities on a scale of urgency and importance.

Stress is being lived by urgent stuff. RPM management is doing what is important before it comes urgent.

If  you are lucky; training your body is not urgent. For most of us however it is the thing on our list which has to go, when other stuff seems more urgent. But on the scale of importance, training your body is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. Without our body there is no time to manage.

Again if we do not take time to take care of our body… do we have the time to be sick?

More about RPM http://www.tonyrobbins.com/products/time-life-management/rapid-planning-method.php

Enjoy the moment;)